Telescopic Ladder System for Safe Conservatory Roof Access

Conservatories can be difficult to access safely with traditional ladders. With a specially designed conservatory ladder, you can have a safe and secure means of access for cleaning, maintenance and repair.

Conservatory ladders are useful for installers as well as window cleaners. The Bavaria Conservator Ladder and platform are lightweight, easy to assemble and are suitable for a wide range of conservatory roof configurations.


How to Use the Bavaria System Safely

Step 1 - Set up Bavaria Conservatory Ladder as detailed in the instructions.

Step 2 - Take base section of platform, with the levelling ladder fully retracted and engage the
locking pins. Stile clamps should be clear of the stiles and rung hook levers in a vertical upright position.

Step 3 - Now take the platform up the Bavaria Conservatory Ladder and place on the roof
section, with the levelling ladder at the front. The unit should be resting on the nylon
sleeves at the back and the black plastic sleeves at the front (if this is not the case
the platform will NOT slide up the ladder).

Step 4 - Push the platform up the ladder, using the stiles as runners, until the front of platform
is past the rung you intend to position it on.

Step 5 - Now bring the rung hook levers, at the front of the platform, down until they are
vertical downwards, lift the front of the platform and pull gently towards you and the
rung hooks will engage onto the rung.

Step 6 - Disengage locking pins on the levelling ladder, keeping one hand on the ladder at the
base of the levelling ladder, level the platform and engage the locking pins. Tighten
the stile clamps and ensure locking pins are fully engaged.

Step 7 - Take one of the guardrail sections, open the gate and grip the two centre supports, so
that it becomes one straight section and place in the guardrail holders on the right
hand side with the gate opening out of the back of the platform.

Step 8 - Repeat Step 7 with the left hand side, but with the gate opening at the front of the
platform, close the rear gate and engage the locking pin. Repeat for the front gate.

Step 9 - Ensure all locking pins, clamps and hooks are secure. Your system is ready for use.

Step 10 - Dismantle in reverse order of erection.



Conservatory Safety Notes

  1. The Bavaria Conservatory ladder should be either be footed or be used in conjunction with an anti-slip device.
  2. During erection and dismantling three points of contact must be maintained at all times.
    The Bavaria Conservatory Platform and ladder should be well maintained and inspected on a regular basis by a competent person.
  3. The Bavaria Conservatory Platform is a specialist product and should not be used in system
    with any other manufacturers product.
  4. The Bavaria Conservatory Ladder is certified to EN131.
  5. The Bavaria Conservatory Platform is not certified to any particular standard as there is not a certification procedure for it to be tested against, due to its specialist nature. However it has been built to conform to specifications laid out in DIN4420.


"Any surface upon which a ladder rests shall be stable, of sufficient strength and of suitable composition to safely support the ladder or any load intended to be placed upon it"
Construction (Health Safety & Welfare).


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