Rotadec Complete 3.50M Access Kit

Rotadec Complete 3.50M Access Kit


Our Rotadec Safety Platform offers the most innovative platform system launched on the mass market since the implementation of the Working at Height Regulations

The Hierarchy of Risk is a key cornerstone in this Working at Height Regulations, advising operatives to do as much of their task as near to the ground as possible. With this in mind, the Rotadec Safety Platform allows the operatives to fully erect the system at ground level and then use a simple winch system to take the platform to the desired height. This whole system can be fully erected without a single operative leaving the ground.

Exhaustive research, development and design has resulted in this market leading system, using cutting edge technology and innovation to comply with and exceed the current legislation, as it takes a bold step into the future of height safety.

DIN-EN13374 : Protection Class C
Patent Pending
Additional Information

Additional Information

Contents 1 No Rotadec Access Platform 3.50M (34.8 KG)
1 No Rotadec Access Guardrail Complete (8.0 KG)
1 No Rotadec Access Guardrail Components including Side Guardrails, Door Module and Ladder Rest (10.3 KG)
2 No Rotadec Safety Lift (slide, deflector, winch, lifting rope) (15.4 KG)
Training Required
Weight 68.5 KG


Rotadec Complete 3.50M Access Kit Ladders not included

Rotadec Complete 3.50M Access Kit