Zenith Training - Syam Anchorage Point System Training

Zenith Training - Syam Anchorage Point System Training


Openings and voids are one of the main areas of concern when working at height.

How to effectively protect operatives against these hazards without restricting their operational effectiveness is the cause of much debate and study on and off site.

This SYAM Anchorage Point System course is mandatory for all those who either use, or are planning to use the SYAM system.

A comprehensive course brought together to deliver the competencies required for the safe transportation, set up, use, maintenance and inspection of the SYAM Anchorage Point System.

With many work sites insisting on industry leading training/qualification, our ID card will allow trainees to operate unhindered in their sphere of work.


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Min/Max Delegates Min 6 / Max 6
Course Duration 7 hours / 1 day
Pre Course Requirements No Previous Experience Required
Course Structure Introduction
Falls from height statistics
Overview of current legislation
Identifying work at height
Why falls occur
Work at height scenarios
Hierarchy of fall protection/risk assessment
Selection of equipment
ABC of fall arrest
Rescue and suspension syncope
Inspection and Safe Use of basic PFPE
Introduction to SYAM System
Overview of regulation effecting SYAM
Benefits and applications of SYAM
Demonstration of system
Practical training on system
Venue HO Training Academy is based at Langley House, Station Road, Standon, Hertfordshire, EN11 1QN

Nationwide satellite training centres available to suit geographical location
PPE & Clothing All PFPE required for training will be provided by Access Systems

Operatives should ensure they have suitable PPE
Refreshments Lunch will be provided on all whole day courses at the HO Training Academy

No refreshments will be provided at on-site training courses
Breaks A series of breaks are taken as follows:
10:15 - 10:30
12:30 - 13:00
14:15 - 14:30
Room Requirements

A room large enough to accommodate the candidates and trainer (not canteen)

Mains electricity and space to set up a projector and screen

An area where a system can be safely demonstrated

Candidates need to be physically fit and able to use the systems and comfortable with working at height


Each successful candidate will receive a Training Certificate valid for 2 years

Each successful candidate will receive a ID Card valid for 2 years

Candidates can be re-certified with a 1 day refresher course

Train the Trainer - Pre Course Requirements Not Available on this Course. User Training only


Zenith Training - Syam Anchorage Point System Training

Zenith Training - Syam Anchorage Point System Training



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